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Sliding Door

Schuco offers a wide range of Sliding Doors, originating from the classic german design that reflects premium robustness and engineering. This profile has been the most widely used in all variations.

ASS 50 NI-1.jpg

Schuco ASS 50 NI


Panorama Sliding Door

Responding to the current architectural design trends, Schuco has made it's own take on the matter. Introducing the Panorama Design Sliding Systems, that offers a seamless and minimalistic profile design, while still maintaining Schuco true performance.

ASS 39 PD NI-1.jpg

Schuco ASS 39 PD NI


Folding Door

Folding Doors offer a great flexibility to integrate two different spaces, whether it's an interior or exterior spaces. Schuco Folding Door offers the most flexible configurations by providing both even and odd leaves configurations to better suit the architecture design.

ASS 50 FD NI-1.jpg

Schuco ASS 50 FD NI


Doors and Windows

The most basic need in architectural design, the doors and windows. With Schueco, the variations are endless to meet various project needs.

ADS 50 NI.jpg

Schuco ADS 50 NI


Curtain Wall

As an all rounded aluminium system solution, Schueco offer a deep technical understanding to provide a better solutions in response for the evermore challenging projects we have nowadays, starting from the typical stick system to the more customizable unitized system.


Schuco Curtain Wall Systems

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